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When one thinks of children, words like ‘innocence’, ‘simplicity’, ‘playfulness’ and ‘happiness’ are the first to jump to mind. They are synonymous with each other! The openness, ability to feel blissful joy without worries, to enjoy every simple moment to the fullest and to have an insatiable curiosity to explore the world are tje superpowers of children alone!

At Ratan Jaipur, we design clothes for children that bring out their playful, joyful selves. Our essence of craftsmanship and excellence with ethnic prints, combined with the softness and comfort of pure cotton, comes alive in our vibrant range of kids’ apparel.

We have a range of dresses in different designs and prints. There’s the pleated dress, the tied up tiered dress, fun jumpsuits, little kurtas, off shoulder dresses as well as comfortable night dresses and shorts for the little girls. With some of the prettiest hand-made block prints of cacti, sheep as well as floral and checkered designs; our dresses come in bright colorful patterns! We have some lovely shades of teal, orange, purple, cherry and many more. For the boys, there is a wonderful amalgamation of the traditional attire such as in the simple kurta with the mandarin collar or the stand collar, with some modern hand block prints of little squirrels, elephants, tiny ship sails, helicopters and dogs too!

Take your kids’ favorite pick from among these quirky prints or you could even choose from many other hand printed designs in a range of bright shades! These fun hand-prints come from an age-old Rajasthani technique of block printing, now also digitized and made even better for use on a range of materials. As is the simple yet classy buttoned down kurta, so are the various half-sleeved and full-sleeved comfortable shirts too. With names such as ‘Rose Bunch’, ‘Starry Night’, ‘Iris Cloud’, ‘Buttercup Orange’, ‘Coco Bub’ and ‘Flutter Peach’ for our cute prints, we truly bring out the playful attitude that our clothes reflect! From ethnic tassels and ‘angarakha’ styled kurtis for girls to ‘buti’ prints for little boys on their shirts as also a range of quirky animal block prints from elephants to giraffes; it will be an exciting adventure for your children to choose from these playfully pleasing designs!

All of these clothes are even better for kids since they are eco-friendly, with all the dyes and patterns made in-house under careful supervision. And most importantly, our use of the humble cotton fabric makes each of our pieces comfortable and extremely skin-friendly. Especially when making clothes for children, we have kept in mind the important concerns of every parent: to find clothing that is breathable, soft and friendly, yet modern and classy in appearance. Each piece has the quality of hand-made effort and yet a modern finish. Cotton gives the soft, airy, bright feel to each piece and makes it an easy to maintain yet elegant choice for all casual occasions of dressing up. A fabric for all seasons, it is the best choice for children’s clothing and at Ratan Jaipur we ensure the best quality woven cotton fabrics for our apparel.

Minimalistic, hand-printed, colourful and comfortable while also being strong and durable and made using traditional printing methods, our kids’ collection of apparel provides a unique, must have blend.

Ratan Jaipur truly upholds a strong value through this range. They uphold their promise of being inspired by the purest creations of nature to create joy and comfort for the purest creations of nature; our children.

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